140524 VIXX Twitter Conversation Translation (Hakyeon & Hongbin) 03:30AM KST


@CHA_NNNNN : It’s today, 2 years ago on the same day, even a sigh… I can’t sleep for even 1 minute and just went to the broadcasting station.. 2 years has passed but even today like this, I can’t fall asleep… My everyone.. I’m thankful for you to come as my Starlight, thank you!! Narase (I love you)~ @.@/

@CHA_NNNNN: 오늘이네요, 2년전 오늘 한숨도.. 단 1분도 못 자고 방송국에 갔어요.. 2년이 지난 오늘도 이렇게 잠 못들고 있네요… 내여러분들.. 내별빛으로 와주어서 고맙고 고맙습니다!! 나라세~ @.@/

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CeCi May Edition English Translation (Leo’s Interview)


fRfLuSc 2 fRfLuSc 1

CeCi : This is the third meeting with CeCi. Are you busy these days?

Leo : Because the musical first performance just a few days left, (the date of the interview was on 9th April) I’ve been living as Lee Youngjae every day. This is not a stage for VIXX, but a new stage, so I can feel the different fun sides of it and I’m slowly in the middle of learning.

CeCi : If there’s something that you can say as the best thing you can learn, what is it?

Leo : Gaining singing and acting skills are just the basic, I’m also reminded once again of the things that I need to concern and take care of as Jung Taekwoon, not VIXX Leo. In the new environment, what am I suppose to know about the people. To the seniors, things like how am I suppose to communicate with them. Although even as a singer, I still have a far way to go. In the musical, I think I need the pose or act as a rookie in musical’s own way.

CeCi : You have a reserved personality, so don’t you have a hard time adapting yourself to a different new world?

Leo : Because I participate in the musical as a representative from VIXX, I’ve promised to myself that I’m not going to make some misunderstanding to appear even the smallest of it. Even though it’s a little bit hard, but I will try to approach other people first. I can’t stand if people say bad things about VIXX because of me. But before I can even do anything, the seniors came to approach me first and take a good care of me, I’m really thankful for that.

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